About Yellow Radio

Yellow Radio was founded by John Kinson, an accomplished fractional CTO, CEO, GTM advisor and board member with 30 years’ experience in AI/ML, digital transformation, telecoms, life sciences, digital media and embedded systems development, with both software products and SaaS services companies, in the public and private sectors. 

The team have deep expertise in the design and use of Generative AI systems, spanning foundation models from hyperscalers such as Microsoft, AWS and OpenAI, as well as 3rd party solutions for enterprise, SMB/mid-market, and personal productivity applications. Over the last 2 years we have engaged with leadership and data science teams of global companies in the US, Europe and APAC regions, helping them employ AI to transform their business operations.

With a presence in London and San Francisco, we regularly share ideas with AI leaders at meetups and corporate events, and are well connected in the SF Bay Area (Silicon Valley) AI ecosystem.

We also provide services through our network of specialists to serve the needs of the world’s most ambitious companies wishing to expand into new geographies, particularly transatlantic and into the APAC region.