Product and Technology

Product Refinement

Your situation

You have made progress building product, have a roadmap, backlog, and hopefully some real-world validation of your customer requirements and user needs. Managing the complexity of internal points of view, and external roadmap requests, can be challenging. Mapping your technology roadmap and capabilities to meet expectation and delight your users can feel like an impossible task.

What we will do

We understand the challenges of building a product that continues to achieve product-market fit (PMF), both today and in the future. We can assist in clarifying your development process, and stakeholder management – both internally and externally.

We will engage with your team to quickly understand your situation, and collaboratively help you identify and unblock pinch points, enabling you to set and meet expectation.

 Over the course of a four week engagement we will cover:

  • Your roadmap, including not just features and benefits, but clarify the ‘why’ behind key enhancements, and the measurements and KPIs, if applicable, that will enable you to make more informed product prioritisation calls

  • Market research into competing offerings, market trends

  • Best practice for managing a complex product roadmap and backlog

  • Analysis of your tech stack and deployment approach to find opportunities to accelerate time to market

What you can expect

Throughout our involvement you can expect us to swiftly and efficiently engage with your stakeholders, respectfully challenging assumptions, and providing unique insights.

By the end of our engagement, your product team will be better equipped to manage the competing demands from client prospects and stakeholders, to better take advantage of market opportunities.

Getting started

Contact us with a brief description of your situation, and we’ll get in touch.

GenAI Workshop

Your situation

Today it is hard to escape the impact of Generative AI. As a C-suite leader, you may be well informed, but perhaps lack a true ‘vendor-neutral’ perspective from experts who have real-world experience as practitioners, both in Europe and in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley).

Your CTO and technology team may have been building solutions, or perhaps your CIO and IT department have been evaluating and integrating solutions. But how can you confident that you are adopting the right technology for the best business benefits, in such a fast-moving ecosystem? 

What we will do

As experts, we will run a 1-2 day workshop with your leadership team and relevant stakeholders, in a strictly confidential environment. Starting with a high level overview of the GenAI landscape, we then focus on your specific business challenges and opportunities, to put the range of AI solutions in context and develop an executable plan that is perfectly tailored for your needs.

Our view is that the build vs. buy decision is nuanced, and it is necessary to consider the needs of Enterprises, SMB / mid-market companies, and B2C / personal productivity applications separately.

Our workshop is run interactively, giving you an opportunity to ask questions confidentiality in any area, and we will lean in to show what, why, and how to use (or not) this ground-breaking technology.

Our workshop agenda:

Part 1:

  • What is Generative AI?

  • GenAI Architecture

  • GenAI pain points solved and use cases

  • Hands-on demo

  • The view from the San Francisco Bay Area

  • ESG and regulatory considerations

  • Hits and misses

Part 2:

  • Your specific business goals and pain points

  • Solution options

  • Build vs. buy

  • A prioritised plan for your business

  • Getting started

What you can expect

By the end of our involvement, you will have gained an up-to-the-minute state of the art perspective, be fully equipped to make the right business decisions, and start implementing GenAI for your specific projects.

Getting started

Contact us with a brief description of your situation, and we’ll get in touch.