Yellow Radio Offerings

We provide a complete 360 service oriented around four pillars:

  • Growth
  • Product and Technology
  • Operations
  • Investment


GTM Review

We will work with you to review and refine your Go To Market (GTM) Strategy, challenging your assumptions, validating hypotheses, and will put in place a strategy that will deliver results.

Sales and Marketing Extension

Operating as an extension of your Sales and Marketing function, we will engage with your target client prospects and provide the enterprise sales function you need, backed by a marketing capability to provide results quickly. We can work with sales channel partners and industry experts to establish your brand, and drive revenue.


Product and Technology

Product Refinement

Working with your product and technology team, we validate your roadmap and backlog for product market fit, aligning with your GTM Strategy.

GenAI Bootcamp

The impact and potential of Generative AI cannot be overstated. We have worked with some of the largest financial services firms since 2022 to apply AI, and know first-hand the pros and cons of the use of foundation models, open source alternatives, and when to use point solutions. As vendor-agnostic experts, we run workshops with senior leaders to demystify the technology, and give private, safe, confidential spaces to ask questions and get comfortable with the technology – before your competitors do.


Operations Efficiency

As your business grows, improving your back end operations is essential. We help you put in place the right processes and procedures for efficient operating and reporting, helping you adapt as you scale and navigate the complex demands of customers, your staff, and investors.

Security Certification

In today’s on-line first world, cyber security is increasingly an essential capability, even for early stage businesses. We have worked with organisations to achieve ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliance, and can assist with the process of adopting best practice to achieve certification.



From idea to raising investment

Raising investment is a chaotic, unpredictable process at times. As seasoned founders and industry execs, as well as mentors and coaches on industry accelerator programmes, we can help you quickly create a compelling pitch deck with the associated supporting materials needed. We also can use our connections with VCs and PE firms to provide introductions and assistance at any stage of the investment process.